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What can you do to support the Lewes Community Land Trust?
  • Engage in The Democratic Society/Santon consultation –follow our website and twitterfeed to get accurate up to date information that is independent of developer.
  • Work with groups in town via Lewes Town Partnership to ensure that all views are heard
  • Understand the constraints on the site – it needs to be flood defended, money is needed for this, and the reality is that a profit has to be delivered in order for Santon to be able to do the flood defence and site decontamination work that is needed.
  • Understand the contexts within which the development plans are being evolved:
  • The Lewes District Council owns land on the site which gives further community power to influence what happens there.
  • The Local Plan, when it is ratified this year, will provide important checks and balances about how the site can be developed. There are detailed reports and projections on business and retail needs of Lewes town which will have to be respected, and protect us against inappropriate development proposals.
  • Join the Lewes Community Land Trust – we are especially interested in engaging with people who are themselves in housing need, and would like younger people in this position to become trustees.

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