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Here we have presentations, reports, reference documents, application forms and so on. Click on the little arrow above to browse the rest of our Document Library.


The CLT proposes that in order to make the Local Plan sound it should be changed to:

(i) Properly and objectively assess the impact of the loss of allocated industrial land at Eastside, Newhaven, the proposed mixed-use redevelopment of North Street and the development of the much smaller Malling Brooks East site, to demonstrate whether or not there will remain sufficient identified sites to meet the forecast demand.

(ii) Take into account the current use of the North Street site as documented by the attached survey, summary and map in order to make proper provision for the valuable social and economic land uses that currently exist on the site.

(iii) Explicitly include the requirement for the reprovision of the current light industrial (Class B1c) use in any redevelopment of the North Street site rather than, as currently proposed, leaving it to the developer’s masterplanning process – the latter approach does not meet the NPPF tests which require that clear policies are set out on what or will not be permitted and that only policies be included which provide a clear indication of how a decision maker should react to a development proposal (paragraph 154).

An update on North Street and the Lewes Community Land Trust by John Stockdale, February 2013.

Lewes District Council, together with the South Downs National Park Authority, has prepared the proposed submission version of its Core Strategy. Once adopted, the Core Strategy will contain the strategic planning policies for Lewes District, including the area within the National Park boundary.

The LDC's Core Strategy will be the pivotal document in the new Local Plan and will set out the over-arching strategies that all other planning documents will need to be in conformity with. A key purpose of the Core Strategy will be to set out a vision for Lewes District and identify the areas in the district where new development or change is to take place up to 2030.

This report identifies key issues and lessons for current planning policy and practice concerning the development of new urban extensions. It combines the first-hand learning of practitioners – including the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust at Derwenthorpe in York – with an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the current policy framework, and draws conclusions that are relevant not just to high-profile “eco-towns” but to all new communities in Britain.

This survey is part of a wider consultation programme that will be used to inform the design of the North Street Quarter proposals. It has been designed with the support of independent consultation facilitators the Democratic Society, who will be collating and publishing the results.

Expressions of interest are invited from local community groups, the voluntary sector and other users seeking to create an asset for the community. The property is situated on the north of Rotten Row, Lewes, just behind County Hall in a predominantly residential area. Vehicular access is from Rotten Row.


Among other things, this document explains why the Core Strategy will be part of the Lewes District Local Plan, rather than part of a Local Development Framework.

The Local Development Framework (LDF) is the group of documents that form the spatial development framework for the area. It includes Development Plan Documents (DPDs), Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs), the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI), the Local Development Scheme (LDS) and the Annual Monitoring Report (AMR).

Extracted from the Friends of Lewes web site. Describes the Friends of Lewes stance with regards the Phoenix development, and relates it back to the LDC's draft "Core Strategy" document (see below).

The North Street Quarter, by the river, close to the heart of Lewes, is the most important development area in the town. Santon, the owners of the site, say they want to show you their work, talk about their plans, and hear what you have to say.

The Trust’s contribution suggests amendments to the Council’s draft of its Core Strategies document that would bring the section on North Street/Phoenix into line with the results of our Phoenix Survey. This document supersedes the one submitted in July 2010 and which appeared to have been ignored by the Council.

The SDNPA will become the sole planning authority for the South Downs National Park:

  • responsible for all planning decisions
  • responsible for all planning policy
  • responsible for LDFs, enforcement, minerals and waste

The original Certificate of Incorporation of the Lewes Community Land Trust (2007).

The purpose of this study (dated August 2010) by Mott MacDonald on behalf of Lewes District Council is to inform a number of planning and development processes and to provide guidance to longer term strategies for off-street parking provision.

Summary Report on Findings from the Phoenix Rising Survey and Exhibition
Prepared by Alix Audley for the Lewes Community Land Trust
June 2010

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