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Lewes CLT challenge to Local Plan

File Name:
local plan challenge submission doc final.doc
File Size:274.00 kB
Date:26 March 2013

The CLT proposes that in order to make the Local Plan sound it should be changed to:

(i) Properly and objectively assess the impact of the loss of allocated industrial land at Eastside, Newhaven, the proposed mixed-use redevelopment of North Street and the development of the much smaller Malling Brooks East site, to demonstrate whether or not there will remain sufficient identified sites to meet the forecast demand.

(ii) Take into account the current use of the North Street site as documented by the attached survey, summary and map in order to make proper provision for the valuable social and economic land uses that currently exist on the site.

(iii) Explicitly include the requirement for the reprovision of the current light industrial (Class B1c) use in any redevelopment of the North Street site rather than, as currently proposed, leaving it to the developer’s masterplanning process – the latter approach does not meet the NPPF tests which require that clear policies are set out on what or will not be permitted and that only policies be included which provide a clear indication of how a decision maker should react to a development proposal (paragraph 154).

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