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The Local Plan and the LDF

Lewes District Council (LDC) uses a lot of jargon and multitude of confusing acronyms...

The Lewes District Local Plan is a document that sets out what LDC plans to do with land in the district and how it will control development. The current Local Plan was adopted in 2003 and although superseded by the Local Development Framework (or LDF as it is usually referred to) as a result of changing government legislation it still guides most of the LDC's day-to-day planning decisions. Just to add to the confusion (and due to further changes in government legislation) the Local Development Framework is now (Dec 2012) in the process of being turned back into (guess what!) the new Local Plan. Having said that, the Core Strategy document (see below) remains the key document and will become Part 1 of the new Local Plan which looks ahead to 2030. The Core Strategy is about to go into its public consultation phase prior to being adopted.

So what follows could be said to be out-of-date now, but unless you understand the gist of it you'll get lost in the acronyms, all of which are still in use.

Local Development FrameworkThe Local Development Framework (LDF) is the group of documents that form the spatial development framework for the area. It includes Development Plan Documents (DPDs), Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs), the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI), the Local Development Scheme (LDS) and the Annual Monitoring Report (AMR).

The Core Strategy DPD is the central policy document for the Local Development Framework (LDF). It sets out the long term spatial vision for the district and addresses issues such as housing, the economy, retail, tourism, transport, areas of regeneration and social infrastructure.

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) is a document that sets out the programme for the preparation of planning policy documents. Its purpose is to inform the public of the documents that will make up the Local Development Framework (LDF) and the timescales they can expect preparation and review of these documents.

The Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) is an assessment of the progress of preparing the Local Development Framework (LDF) against the Local Development Scheme (LDS), as well as an assessment on the performance of policies.

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how the community is to be engaged in the Local Development Framework (LDF) process and sets standards for involving the community in the preparation, alteration and continuing review of all local development documents.

The Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) brings together organisations from the public, private, voluntary and community sectors to produce and deliver the Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS), a strategy to improve the quality of life for local people, covering 6 'themes' - A Valued Environment; Decent, Affordable Housing For All; Safer,  Stronger Communities; Access to Good Local Facilities; Healthier Communities and A Vibrant and Sustainable Local Economy.

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Confused by the terminology? We'll do our best to help explain some of the jargon!

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