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Useful Links
Here are a few useful links. We'll be adding to these in due course. Also, take a look at our Documents page where we've uploaded a number of relevant docs.
The National Community Land Trust Network The National Community Land Trust Network
Community Land Trusts are established in communities to acquire land, fixed assets and then hold them in perpetuity for the benefit of the local community. They work on a non-profit basis, accessing public, private and charitable finance and tapping into the resources of their community to provide and manage affordable housing, workspace, community buildings and assets and green space.
Help to Buy East & South East Help to Buy East & South East
If you want to purchase a home of your own, but can’t afford to buy on the open market, Help to Buy could be your way onto the property ladder. The Government has created the Help to Buy scheme to help you take your first steps into home ownership.
North Street Quarter North Street Quarter
The North Street Quarter, by the river, close to the heart of Lewes, is probably the most important development area in the town. Santon, the new owners of the site, says they want to show you their work, talk about their plans, and hear what you have to say.
The Santon Group The Santon Group
The Santon Group claims to be one of the largest private developers in the UK having undertaken over £1 billion of developments, including in excess of 3m sq. ft. of retail development and 2m sq. ft. of warehouse distributions in the last four years.
RH Partnership Architects RH Partnership Architects
We understand that The Santon Group has appointed the Brighton-based RH Partnership as lead architects in the North Street Quarter masterplanning process. RH were the architects on the Baxter's Printworks redevelopment project here in Lewes a few years ago.
The Democratic Society The Democratic Society
Demsoc is a non-partisan membership organisation for democracy, participation and new ways of doing government. It is working with Santon to facilitate the consultation over North Street.
Lewes CLT on Facebook Lewes CLT on Facebook
Now live! All the latest news from the Lewes Community Land Trust.
Lewes CLT on Twitter Lewes CLT on Twitter
Now live! All the latest news from the Lewes Community Land Trust.
Lewes Town Partnership Lewes Town Partnership
The Lewes Town Partnership has a membership of local groups and organisations, and works closely with statutory partners, to improve the well being and development of the town of Lewes and its people. Projects that have been undertaken have involved the development of local markets, support for ideas raised by young people and a range of care and support groups.
Transition Town Lewes Transition Town Lewes
Transition Town Lewes (TTL) is a community response to the challenges of climate change and the end of cheap oil. Since early 2007 hundreds of Lewes people have been getting together to discuss ideas and put them into action.
Lewes Coalition Lewes Coalition
Cliffe Residents Association, Friends of Lewes, Grange Road Residents Association, Lansdown Place & Friars Walk Residents Association, Lewes Community Land Trust, Lewes Flood Action, Lewes House Group, Lewes Matters, Living Streets (Lewes branch), Mountfield Road Residents Association, Phoenix Action, Residents Against Inappropriate Development, Western Road Residents Association to name but a few!
Friends of Lewes Friends of Lewes
The Friends of Lewes was founded in 1952. Its aims are to stimulate public interest in the beauty, history and character of the town of Lewes and its surrounding area; and to organise concerted action for protecting and enhancing the townscape and for preserving free access to the surrounding area.
Lewes Conservation Area Advisory Group Lewes Conservation Area Advisory Group
Lewes CAAG came into being in 2009 as a result of an initiative of Cllr Peter Gardiner, Lead Planner of Lewes District Council and has considerable financial and administrative support from Lewes Town Council. The job of the Lewes CAAG is to help conserve and protect the streets and buildings in Lewes' two conservation areas.
South Downs National Park Authority South Downs National Park Authority
The South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) is the organisation responsible for promoting the purposes of the National Park and the interests of the people who live and work within it.
Lewes District Council Lewes District Council
The Leader of the LDC says he will deliver
1) A clear vision for the District and Council,
2) An actively managed Strategy to achieve it, that includes a very strong commitment to listening to and communication with all stakeholders – residents, staff, all members and other bodies, governmental and NGOs,
3) Strong leadership to ensure residents get the services they rightly expect and deserve.
Lewes Town Council Lewes Town Council
The Council comprises eighteen elected members – six representing each of three electoral wards (Bridge, Castle, and Priory), and it employs fifteen staff (7 full-time). Council meets approximately every five weeks and often creates working-parties for large projects or short tasks. These can co-opt additional members from the community.
Lewes Railway Land Project Lewes Railway Land Project
On the edge of Lewes by the River Ouse, are more than twenty acres of land, used for over fifty years as rail yards. When they were dismantled, they became a wasteland. After twenty-five years of benign neglect, the land was saved from development by a group of local residents. Since then, it has become a prized nature reserve around which several social and ecological projects gravitate.
The Baxter's Field Project The Baxter's Field Project
The Baxter's Field Company was incorporated on 1st October 2003, based on the original concept of The Baxter's Field Trust which had submitted a successful bid of £78,000 to purchase the land (supported by pledges received from local residents). The purchase was completed on 22nd December 2003 and was opened to the public on 27th June 2004. Baxter's Field has become a significant community asset enjoyed and appreciated by many, truly 'An Open Space For All Seasons'.
Love Lewes Podcasts Love Lewes Podcasts
Every month we produce a free downloadable podcast that takes a look at the forthcoming month’s events in Lewes.
Lewes Forum Lewes Forum
There's starting to be a lot of forum threads relating to the Phoenix. Remember, any posts in the Lewes.co.uk Forum are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of any organisation or of the forum webmaster.
What's On in Lewes What's On in Lewes
Lewes District Council's 'What's On' Diary.
Viva Lewes Viva Lewes
Viva Lewes produces the weekly vivalewes.com listings web magazine as well as the monthly guide that is delivered to every house in the town.
What's On at the Con CLub What's On at the Con CLub
The best music venue in Lewes. Admission is always free to members.
Brewery Place, Dorchester Brewery Place, Dorchester
Dorchester is the county town of Dorset, has quite a similar feel to Lewes and has a virtually identical population (16,000 at the 2001 census). At 11 acres, the Eldridge Pope site is a similar size and shape to the Phoenix (exc. North St/Eastgate) and is close to the town centre. Rather than a river passing along one side, it has a railway line. The architect who did the master-planning exercise for Brewery Place (as it is now called) was Charles Gough of CZWG. Unlike the Phoenix, it has been built. Planning permission was granted at the end of 2004 and work started in 2006. Jan 2013 - the on-site agents (Savills) estimate that it will be completed within the next 4 years. Food for thought.
Lewes Matters Archive Lewes Matters Archive
Lewes Matters was born in October 2005 to fulfil a long-felt need in Lewes. A need to keep the townspeople accurately informed over significant property development proposals before they actually happened. Although Lewes Matters ceased to be an active project in 2009, this archive site contains some valuable documents, opinions etc that still have relevance today.
LDC Core Strategy 2013 LDC Core Strategy 2013
The LDC Core Strategy document will form an important part of the Local Development Framework (LDF) and ultimately become Part 1 of the new Lewes District Local Plan.
LDC Core Strategy background reports 2012 LDC Core Strategy background reports 2012
A list of links to the background reports LDC has produced to 'inform planning policy work' in the production of its Core Strategy document, due for adoption in 2013.

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Please mail us any suggestions you have for useful links.

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