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Santon's North Street Quarter Public Consultation
Friday, 18 January 2013 20:34

North Street Quarter

The  Santon Group's first 'North Street Quarter' Public Consultation is now done. There were two meetings (the second a repeat of the first) and there were people to talk to from Santon, RH Partnership (the architects working with Santon on the 'masterplanning' process) and The Democratic Society (the people managing the public consultation for Santon). There was also a questionnaire to fill in.

Santon's North Street Quarter website is now operational - you can see what's being proposed/discussed at www.northstreetqtr.co.uk.

Santon say 'North Street Quarter is a suggested name for the area around North Street, including the former Phoenix industrial estate, arguably the most important current development area in Lewes.

It lies next to the river, near the centre of the town and offers a wealth of development opportunity to sustain Lewes. We’re Santon, owners of the site, and these webpages will tell you a little about the place, how we’re planning to revive it and how we want to reconnect it to the centre of town.

The regeneration of the North Street Quarter is a great opportunity to put the area back at the heart of Lewes. Any proposed development must be truly sustainable – environmentally, economically and socially. It has to give the people in and around the town the services, jobs and housing they need. It has to be part of Lewes, in tune with Lewes, not from a standard plan.

It also needs significant financial investment that needs to have a viable return, both in terms of delivering opportunity but also of sustaining the area we create for generations to come.

We’re starting to think about our ideas on regeneration now – and we need the people of the town to help share and work with us to shape a viable future opportunity for the benefit of the Town and District'.

We (Lewes Community Land Trust) continue to say 'What do you think? Go along and take a look, make up your mind, have your say'. Lewes is your town.

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