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Santon Consultation Results
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 18:55

nsq_logo.pngThe results of the first stage of Santon's public consultation have just been published. The main points are as follows...

The first consultation events saw 632 people attend, with 278 questionnaires and 358 other comments left.

The seven key issues that were raised in consultation are shown below.

1. The interest in affordable housing is based on an understanding that this will benefit local people and not people from outside. There may be an expectation that assurances can be given to this effect and some indication of the quantum of affordable housing that will be provided.

2. The consultation process must continue to engage Lewes residents to allay specific concerns, to address a degree of scepticism that seems to exist about developments in general, and to engage a wider range of people across the town.

3. There seems to be a fairly strong pro-independent/anti-corporate feeling amongst many respondents. This may need further exploration to establish a balance that is likely to be acceptable and to determine what type of chains and retail mix would be preferable, given town’s current retail offer.

4. Transport access issues during the development stage and after its completion are likely to remain high on the agenda of local people, particularly those who live in close proximity to the site.

5. There is concern about what will happen to the arts/creative and light industrial businesses that are currently operating on the site, and solutions to their future operation will need to be developed.

6. Green spaces and environmental sustainability are likely to remain important components of the development for a number of people in the town.

7. The scale and height of buildings are important to many people and there seems to be a preference for a mix of styles, which needs to be considered carefully in the design phase.

You can read the full story here //www.northstreetqtr.co.uk/pages/consultation-summary

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