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News for supporters of Lewes Community Land Trust, July 2015
Monday, 20 July 2015 14:38
Lewes CLT has welcomed the mixed use planning application for North Street. Through the ‘Sounding Group’, the CLT has been involved in the pre-planning consultation process for the site. The Sounding Group, meeting under the leadership of Lewes Town Partnership, includes Friends of Lewes and Lewes Chamber of Commerce as well as the CLT. We think the proposals are sensitive in terms of architecture and streetscape and that the development will provide the necessary infrastructure (flood defences for The Pells as well as North Street, parking space, road development) to support existing town facilities as well as the new development. We therefore feel that it makes sense for us to work in partnership with Santon and the Lewes District Council to deliver affordable housing for the community.
Pru Rowntree, who chairs the Lewes CLT, believes that this development proposal will maximise the delivery of wider community benefits, through the provision of affordable housing and workspace for local people. Lewes CLT aims to build homes that people can afford and will always be able to afford. We think there is an exciting opportunity to build some affordable housing on the North Street site and we are currently working with Santon and Lewes District Council to make that happen. 
We are actively negotiating with Santon and Lewes District Council to provide homes on the site which will be developed exclusively to meet the housing needs of local people. We are at the stage of applying for grants to support our proposal and of working up a viable business case.
The Lewes CLT is part of The National Community Land Trust Network, which is a growing movement supporting community-led housing and is working with the organisation ‘Action in Rural Sussex’ which has staff resources to advise local CLTs. 
If you are interested in becoming involved in this project or becoming an active Trustee / Director in our present work please contact us via our website.
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