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Lewes CLT visit shared equity housing scheme in Bristol
Thursday, 03 December 2015 13:00

Bristol CLT VisitFour trustees from Lewes Community Land Trust visited Bristol last week to see what lessons could be learned from Bristol CLT’s self-finish scheme for affordable housing.

“Bristol are mid-way through their development and we were eager to find out how they were getting on”, said Pru Rowntree, the Chair. “They’ve recruited and selected their residents and they are already planning how to fit out the finished buildings collectively. They’ve had ample time to sort out their finances and they are functioning as a community several months before they take delivery of their homes.”

The Bristol scheme comprises 12 homes: six 3-bed houses plus one 1-bed duplex for shared ownership and five 1-bed studios for affordable rent. The self-finish element increases each resident’s equity value by £5,000 or more and allows them greater opportunities to personalise their homes.

“This is our first such scheme” said Keith Cowling. “We are now preparing to do another scheme in another part of the City on a larger scale. It was good to be able to pass on what we have learnt to Lewes and we look forward to coming to their opening.”

“The scheme is not exactly the same as ours” said Ros Brewer, Lewes CLT’s company secretary. “But it has given us encouragement and confidence that we can deliver our scheme. It was very valuable to see a scheme well on its way to completion and our friends in Bristol have offered to give us a lot more help and advice.”

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