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Lewes CLT relaunch to address local housing crisis
Thursday, 04 February 2016 09:41

Lewes Community Land Trust has obtained a £10,000 grant by the CLT Urban Fund to develop the capacity to organise a Lewes solution to the deepening housing affordability crisis. It is one of 20 grants made by the Urban CLT Project which is funded by the Oak Foundation. The grant is designed to enable Lewes CLT to find “their own solutions to deepening housing affordability problems or to take back control of the regeneration of their neighbourhood.” The great expansion of the CLT movement has been slower in towns and cities “where challenges have been found to be more complex”.

“It’s a great honour for Lewes CLT to have been selected“, said John Stockdale the trustee in charge of fundraising. “The grant will be used to fund legal fees, community engagement, business planning, and support in negotiating with local authorities. In addition, we will be asked to help other groups set up CLTs and mentor them.

“The CLT will now start renewing contact with its supporters and inviting them and others in the community to join or rejoin the membership scheme. “We plan to call a public meeting on 1 March (N.B. now scheduled for 2nd March 2016)”, said Ros Brewer, the Company Secretary. “We are also asking volunteers to come forward to act as trustees. We are especially looking for local people who have expertise in the following areas: finance, construction and development, asset management and board management at a senior level. If you are interested please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ”.

Lewes CLT people

Ros Brewer, Pru Rowntree & John Stockdale of Lewes Community Land Trust with Tom Warder of Action in Rural Sussex on the North Street Quarter site.

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